Mark Your Pixel Gun 3D Reign With Effective Tips

In the world of cybernetic tools, rules and myriad features, you need to figure out diverse ways to cope with the system. For gamers, the need for strategies and efficient plans, and its execution is paramount. The more you play a game, be it on any OS, you get to understand and discern the concealed intricacies and specialties of it. The same augurs for Pixel Gun 3D, which in its FPS (first-person shooter) avatar transcends in both multi-player and survival modes. Finding and effectively channelizing the tools of a mode is very important to defeat and reign over your foes.

There’s a food for thought in Pixel Gun 3D. You wouldn’t take any huge, self-inflicting damage in this mode. Collateral damage is what you can evade here or else weapons like Ruby Helmet and similar self-damage reducing arms would be rendered useless. In the Arena mode, every weapon entails a confined limit in accordance with the quantum of ammo you can keep in reserve. This is part of the game’s ingrained rules and you can’t change that. Skilled players opt for the Arena mode to acquire greater volume of coins. You don’t have to spend money in the process.

Your main aim is to face and survive a series of waves. The more the number, the greater is your achievement and rewards. The game comprises a volley of maps. They are crucial aspects of Pixel Gun 3D. The conspicuous ones in this regard include Space Station, Ice Hockey Arena, Atlantis, Scary Pizzeria, Medieval Castle, Foggy Swamp and Abandoned Mineshaft. The Arena mode is a very viable mode to channelize your strategies. You need to acquire an explosive armory with good mobility. In this juncture, you have the Gravity Gun, which can obliterate MOBS of enemies in only three shots. It‘s a great strategy weapon, which can kill regular mobs with one hit and end mobs with two.


The Dark Matter Generator is another superb weapon in this regard. It entails quite similar but not the same properties like the Gravity Gun. Whenever you pick up this gun, you know you have to shoot and get into the thick of action. After conquering wave 10, the best policy would be to jump over the heads of mobs through an acrobatic rocket jump. This a fantastic strategy jump that falls heavily on mob heads, killing four or five at one thrust. You must bear in mind that every time you are out in the turf, you need to collect ammo for your Gravity Gun or Bas cannon. You also need to collect shields in Pixel Gun 3D.

Another strategy, which has proven to be very effective in Pixel Gun 3D is syncing with a Peacemaker. Due to the quantum of bullets a Peacemaker gun can hold, you can fire at least thirty or more bullets in one shooting spree. You can carry any type of mini gun weapon for this purpose. The gun keeps firing sans malfunctioning or dying out. Buy, you need to wear good, solid armor for this part. I wish i would know how to hack pixel gun 3d, but till then, Running around in a certain circle in the enclosed area and assimilating pickups for your ammunition is very crucial here. You can then achieve bigger scores in addition to getting more coins and rewards.

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